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At TechyGirls

At TechyGirls

by MonacoVisions


TechyGirls is a collective that works for more inclusion and empowerment of women and girls in the digital world. Based in Monaco, TechyGirls is an international organization whose mission is to impact the world by bringing more and more women into New Technologies.  

We are focused on 2 areas: education and the creation of female avatars, with an aesthetic and ecological approach. 

TechyGirls controls the entire web2 and web3 production chain, and offers IT engineering, design and support services in the new industrial revolution which has already started...



In France, only 10% of start-ups are founded by women, with only 7% of fundraising. And only 3% of women entrepreneurs raised funds beyond 50 million euros. For technological professions we find only 15% women behind the machines.


For women

Entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, journalists, artists, programmers... You are a creator of

high value added content or  curious about the world, then TechyGirls is the consortium to join to connect and grow with other ambitious women.


For Girls

TechyGirls is also for young girls from elementary to university.

You are wondering about your future and the world of tomorrow, TechyGirls helps you train in new technologies. Come and take advantage of Web3 technologies and get jobs that will impact the world of tomorrow.


Have an impact

Engineers and tech professionals, join us and help young women enter the Web3 industry.

All together, we will be authoritative in the digital worlds by bringing our experiences and our sensibilities. 

Découvrez les NFT TechyGirls, dans le ShowRoom de notre CTO, Caroline Hervé au Showroom du Cap, Galerie Eden Beach, 11 Bd Edouard Baudoin, 06160 Juan-Les-Pins ! Find out more about the shop in the Metaverse!

Showroom des TechyGirls

Discover our NFTs 

Discover the TechyGirls NFT collection

Unique NFTs

We create original designs that reflect feminine diversity

All TechyGirls NFTs are certified by an auctioneer

Because each of our NFTs is a work of art

are mined and sold on OpenSea

On the rock of Monaco, the TechyGirl collective, part of the the MonacoVisions association, is a very recent non-mixed collective dedicated to the web3 and in particular NFTs. Launched in 2022 by Estelle Favier, accompanied by Hélène Piel-Laureti, TechyGirl have a number of objectives supporting students, before they entering secondary school, in the develop their digital skills, but also to help digital artists to sell their NTFs or organise conferences with women specialists web3 specialists, in Monaco and elsewhere. A vast programme in which everything still to be built. "We want want to create visibility, promote other women other women and build bridges with other associations", explains Estelle Favier.


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