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TechyGirls is a female consortium, which means that we bring together several independent entities who pool their know-how and resources. Thanks to this pool of talents, we are able to respond to all requests around web2 and web3.

Each entity that works under the aegis of TechyGirls pays a percentage to the collective.

So every time you call on a TechyGirls you contribute to greater visibility of women in digital.

TECHYGIRLS is a non-profit association. Our operating costs to date are entirely covered by our founders' own funds. By helping TechyGirls financially, you participate in the organization of events for women, and you help create a more inclusive future. 


Marketing Communication

  • Strategies Marketing and communication

  • Management of the Social Networks

  • Logo design, Identity of Brand, Flyer...

  • Public relations and Press

  • Writing of ItemsAndTranslation in 16 Languages

  • SEO on/off site (optimization digital visibility

  • S.E.M. (google campaign) And Backlinks

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Art & Technology ​​

  • Creation d'Avatars, with integration of NFTs, augmented reality, AI and of connected objects

  • Expertise official of your Objects of Aphysical and digital rt

  • Organization of auctionson and off line and of Events internationally


IT development

  • Website Development,

  • Development of Databases, CRM

  • Development App > Android, Apple

  • UI/UX design(website and app)

  • CyberSecurity



  • Management of Technological Projects,

  • Transition towards Web2 andWeb3

  • Creation of Blockchains, NFTs, Smart contracts,  

  • Tokenization of assets, entry and or creation of your metaverse

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Audiovisual production

  • Creation of Contents artistic and advertising, 

  • Photos/Videosfor all media.

  • Video editing, 3D output

  • Shots by Drone

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